Terms And Conditions

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musatoiu.com is the web page for presenting the Law Firm - Alexandru Musatoiu (hereinafter "musatoiu.com" or "us")
Visitor - can be any natural person over the age of 16 or a legal person who has or obtains access to CONTENT, by any means of communication made available by musatoiu.com (electronic, telephone, social media, etc.) or based on an existing usage agreement between musatoiu.com.ro and it.
Site - online web page together with the other components (content presentation pages) hosted at musatoiu.com web address and its subdomains.
Content - represents:

  • all information on the Site that can be visited, viewed or otherwise accessed through the use of electronic equipment;
  • articles presented on musatoiu.com
  • the content of any e-mail sent to the Visitor by musatoiu.com by electronic means and / or any other available means of communication;
  • any information communicated by any means by a musatoiu.com or a collaborator of musatoiu.com, the Visitor, according to the contact information, specified or not by it, in accordance with the privacy policy;
  • information regarding the Goods and / or Services and / or tariffs practiced by musatoiu.com in a certain period;
  • information regarding the Goods and / or Services and / or tariffs practiced by a third party with whom the Seller has concluded partnership contracts, within a certain period, according to the contact information;
  • data relating to musatoiu.com, or other privileged data thereof, according to the contact information.

Rating - a way of expressing a visitor's satisfaction with an article. The rating is expressed in the form of stars, each item being able to receive a rating from one star to five stars.
Comment - appreciation or observation, on the content edge.
Question - the formula for addressing other Visitors or musatoiu.com in order to obtain information about the article from that page.
Answer - written information that is transmitted to the Visitor who asked a question on the Site. The answer is an explanation offered by a Visitor or musatoiu.com.


2.1. The content, as defined in the preamble, including but not limited to articles, logos, stylized representations, commercial symbols, static images, dynamic images, text and / or multimedia content presented on the Site, are the exclusive property of musatoiu.com , being reserved all rights obtained in this regard directly or indirectly (through licenses for use and / or publication).
2.2. The visitor is not allowed to copy, distribute, publish, transfer to third parties, modify and / or otherwise alter, use, link to, expose, include any Content in any context other than the original intended by musatoiu.com, include any Content in outside the Site, the removal of the logos signifying the copyright of musatoiu.com on the Content as well as the participation in the transfer, sale, distribution of materials made by reproduction, modification or display of the Content, except with the express written agreement of musatoiu.com.
2.3. Any Content to which the Visitor has and / or obtains access by any means, is subject to the Document, if the Content is not accompanied by a specific and valid usage agreement concluded between musatoiu.com and this one, and without any implied warranty or expressly formulated by musatoiu.com with reference to that Content.
2.4. The visitor can copy, transfer and / or use the Content only for personal or non-commercial purposes, only if they do not conflict with the provisions of the Document.
2.5. If musatoiu.com grants the Visitor the right to use in the form described in a separate use agreement, a certain content, to which the Visitor has or obtains access as a result of this agreement, this right extends only to that or those contents defined in the agreement, only during the period of its existence or these contents on the site or the period defined in the agreement, according to the defined conditions, if they exist and do not represent a contractual commitment from musatoiu.com for the respective Visitor or any third party that has / obtains access to this content transferred, by any means and that could be or is prejudiced in any way from this content, during or after the expiration of the use agreement.
2.6. No Content transmitted to the Visitor by any means of communication (electronic, telephone, etc.) or acquired by him through access, visit and / or visualization does not constitute a contractual obligation on the part of musatoiu.com and / or of the foreman musatoiu.com who mediated transfer of Content, if any, to that content.
2.7. Any use of the Content for purposes other than those expressly permitted by this Document or the accompanying usage agreement, if any, is prohibited.
2.8.musatoiu.com assumes the right to make any changes to these provisions, as well as any changes to the Site, its structure or any other changes that could affect the site, without the need for prior notification to users in this sense.


3.1. musatoiu.com will keep the confidentiality of information of any kind you provide. The disclosure of the information provided can only be done under the conditions mentioned in the Privacy Policy.
3.2. By transmitting information or materials through this site, you offer musatoiu.com unrestricted and irrevocable access to them, the right to use, reproduce, display, modify, transmit and distribute this material or information, in accordance with the privacy policy. You also agree that musatoiu.com may freely use, in its own interest, such information, ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques that you have sent to us through the Site. musatoiu.com will not be subject to obligations regarding the confidentiality of the information sent, unless the privacy policy or the legislation in force does not provide other specifications in this regard.
3.3. Please follow the Privacy Policy. , which is part of this Document.


4.1. The visitor can change at any time the option regarding the agreement given musatoiu.com for Communications containing general and thematic information. as follows:

  • by accessing the unsubscribe link displayed in Communications;
  • by contacting musatoiu.com.

4.2. Also, to improve the experience on the musatoiu.com site, we will use your data for conducting market research and opinion polls, in accordance with the privacy policy. The information obtained from these market researches and opinion polls will not be used for advertising purposes but only in the ones mentioned above. Your answers to market research and opinion polls will not be associated with your identity or transmitted to third parties and will not be published. You can object to the use of data for market research and opinion polls at any time, by accessing the unsubscribe link displayed in the message or by contacting musatoiu.com


5.1. musatoiu.com reserves the right to periodically update and change the Terms and Conditions of the Site to reflect any changes in the mode and conditions of operation of the Site or any changes in the legal requirements. The document is opposable to the Visitors from the moment of posting on the Site. In the case of any such changes, we will display on the Site the modified version of the Document, which is why you should periodically check the contents of this Document.


6.1. Writing Reviews, Comments, Questions and Answers can be done, by Visitors, in the sections of the Blog. The information submitted can be both positive and negative, and will refer opinions, questions, suggestions, comments, etc.
6.2. When registering a specific Review / Comment / Question / Answer on the Site, Visitors grant musatoiu.com a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, unlimited territorial license and give musatoiu.com the right to use, reproduce, modify, delete, adapt, publish, translate, distribute and display this content.
6.3. Each Visitor, at the time of registering the Review / Comment / Question / Answer in the mentioned sections, undertakes to respect the following rules:

  • to use only Romanian. Words or expressions which, although not considered to be Romanian, are of wide use in all media related to the respective domain are also allowed;
  • to use an appropriate, non-offensive language, without terms that may offend or affect any other Visitor;
  • to ensure the correct framing of the content posted on the Site;
  • to ensure that the information they provide is realistic, correct, misleading and in accordance with applicable laws, thus respecting the rights of other parties, copyright, trademark, license or other property rights, advertising or privacy;
  • to use this facility only to communicate or obtain additional details regarding a particular article;
  • not to provide or request, in any way and in any measure, personal data (contact details, delivery or home address information, telephone numbers, email addresses, first and last name, etc.) or any other information that may cause the disclosure of such personal data;
  • not to enter information and / or details about URLs (links) from other sites;
  • not to attempt the fraud of the services provided by musatoiu.com or to enter Reviews / Comments / Questions / Answers that contain advertising material;

6.4. The visitor can also add a rating relevant to the blog article. Ratings will influence the overall rating of the blog article. Thus, a high rating leads to an increase in the overall rating, and a small rating leads to a decrease in the overall rating.
Visitors who post comments to which they attach photo or video files will follow the following rules:

  • the uploaded files will contain images and / or videos that refer to the blog article for which the Comment is written, ensuring that the uploaded files respect the copyright;
  • uploaded files will not contain violence, adult content, licentious language or other content that offends a person / group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, sex, age, veteran status, orientation sexual or political;
  • uploaded files will not contain information related to other persons;
  • uploaded files will not contain URLs or watermarks.

6.5. When a Review / Comment / Question or Answer is reported by a Visitor as having inappropriate content, from a strictly subjective perspective, this content is carefully examined by musatoiu.com to determine if it violates the Site Terms and Conditions . The texts, photos or videos you enter are removed from the Site only after we have examined them.
6.6. In the event that musatoiu.com repeatedly finds a violation of the Terms and Conditions, it reserves the right to suspend the visitor's possibility to submit Reviews / Comments / Questions.


7.1.Please follow the Policy for the use of cookies and similar technologies , which is part of this Document.


8.1. Visitor complaints can be made in writing, using the data displayed in the "Contact" section. These will be resolved by musatoiu.com in accordance with the "Terms and Conditions" displayed on the site.