Labour Law

Labour Law

Labour law is a complex domain and it’s strictly necessary in any company’s daily routine. We will now list a few grounds as to why our office’s practice will benefit your company:

  • Legal counseling and assistance for scripting and reviewing individual employment contracts;
  • Nondisclosure agreements;
  • GDPR mandates necessary for personal data processing and professional employee background check;
  • Legal representation and assistance regarding individual employment contracts, negotiation proceedings or certain clauses within said individual employment contracts;
  • Legal counseling and assistance in developing collective labor agreements as well as managing termination proceedings concerning said collective labor agreements;
  • Assistance regarding disciplinary proceedings or pre-litigation proceedings associated with certain individual employment contracts; Representation in collective labor disputes;
  • Legal assistance and representation in legal proceedings concerning redundancies;
  • Legal assistance and representation in restoring past due wage rights and in certain scenarios restoring any prejudices inflicted on employees by employers;
  • Legal assistance and representation concerning contraventional disputes with the local public authorities (territorial labor inspectorate);
  • Legal assistance and representation concerning criminal or civil procedures in case of occupational hazards.

GDPR. Data Protection

The last few years have proven to be very important regarding personal data protection, both in online and offline activities, as well as in business and employment relationships. The general regulation of personal data protection has reinvented the manner in which companies and businesses alike may handle collected personal data, especially in Europe, where the strongest set of rules regarding stored data administration resides.

Ever since it was implemented on the 25th of May 2018, GDPR has ensured that citizens have a higher degree of control over their own personal data, which implies a more accurate level of transparency from companies concerning their intentions and handling of compiled personal data. We, as a law firm, have regulated our office’s policies to better fit the rigorous demands of the GDPR law from the very beginning.

Due to the fact that we take personal data protection very seriously, we strive to offer legal counseling regarding all GDPR mandatory regulations which have to be met by commercial companies, as well as refer the situations where established strategies may be bettered (restricting access to collected data to relevant and important personnel only, owning a well documented, well structured and well encrypted register etc).

We possess vast experience in providing legal counseling regarding data protection for commercial companies that have solicited our aid and who operate in different areas such as medical, real estate, food, etc. Failure to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 brings with it various severe penalties for those uninspired enough to ignore paying them the proper attention. As a result, our lawyers constantly perfect their knowledge regarding the applicable legislation and EU Regulation.

We represent our clients in front of the regulatory authorities in order to satisfy the requirements concerning personal data processing, lodging personal data transfer requests to ensure their security and safety outside EU countries, etc. Furthermore, we ensure personal data safety for natural persons facing potential marketing abuses conducted by certain companies.