Real Estate and Constructions

Real Estate

This particular domain finds itself in a constant and extensive development stage, which in turn leads to the occurence of much more complex legal issues. We can overwatch the smoothness and well-being of projects and intervene whenever the situation calls for it. Among the specific services and practices required in this domain that we are able to provide, we can recount the following:

  • Legal counseling concerning effective real estate project development (including drawing up and filing urban documentation, notice acquirement, acords or authorizations solicited by law or local/public authorities);
  • Legal assistance and representation in disputes with administrative authorities from the Urbanism domain and construction approval (disputes concerning granting notices and authorizations; disputes concerning appeals regarding urbanistic plans and documentation; disputes concerning appeals regarding official acts issued in the field);
  • Legal assistance and representation in contravention matters (appeals, fines issued by the Central or Local Public Administration authorities within the construction domain);
  • Legal assistance and representation in disputes concerning construction demolition;
  • Supervising the quality of conduct concerning lease contracts as well as managing an office building or other real estate designed for lease/rent purposes;
  • Real estate sales (via bank loan or otherwise) and encumbering them with mortgage liens.