Corporate and Commercial Law

Commercial Law

Our office’s practice is addressed to mostly to companies, but not exclusively, offering advisory services, assistance and representation in a wide array of corporate issues which may arise during the aforementioned practice, such as:

  • Creating and developing companies (scripting articles of incorporation, preparing the necessary forms and declarations, fulfilling formalities which are preliminary to structuring companies as well as fulfilling protocol requirements for the Trade Register;
  • Company amendment (preparing and reviewing the General Assembly’s rulings, fulfilling specific protocol requirements for the Trade Register);
  • Company events (Ex. associates/shareholders withdrawals or co-options, company merger or disunion, company takeover, forming a corporate group even from a VAT standpoint);
  • Companies disputes, associate/shareholder and company disputes or even companies and local authorities disputes;
  • Companies insolvency (claims retrieval in insolvency proceedings as well as representing companies or former associates/shareholders/managers throughout insolvency proceedings).

Debt Collection

A significant number of companies are facing in their current endeavors with debt collection issues. Sometimes these issues are delegated to so called debt collector firms, which lack legal qualifications, and, eventually, it proves to be a regrettable error. This domain should be conducted by qualified professionals in the legal field, such as ourselves, who can provide you with fundamental services such as:

  • Surveying contracts used by clients in their commercial dealings (service contract agreement, technical assistance contract, works contract, enterprise, and subcontracting contracts, rental agreements);
  • Assessing the types of warranties used by clients to ensure payment obligations are being met by trading partners;
  • Assessing the debt portfolio;
  • Legal assistance and representation for identifying, verifying and notifying the client’s debtors;
  • Legal approach commencement and management for subrogation and recovery;
  • Legal approach commencement and management of penal nature which aims to penalise debtor fraudulent behaviour;
  • Legal assistance and representation in forced execution procedure.

IT&C, Information Technology

In the 21st century, the technological domain (heavily influenced by the Industrial Revolution) has had a remarkable global growth spurt, resulting in the prolific development of the IT industry, considering the overwhelming necessity of its functions in our daily lives. With all this in mind, we must note that both innovations and regulations are multiplying quickly in this field, meaning that we, as professionals, must be prepared for even the most taxing and sensitive needs our clients may have. We must refuse to let our service levels be compromised by the neverending cycle of regulations that plague this domain. Therefore, we must strive to constantly enhance both our knowledge on the current technological status and further research in frequently encountered tactics in order to provide legal counseling in a responsible manner.

Extensive knowledge, achieved through dedication and effort, gives us the opportunity to solve frequently encountered legal issues, such as technological commerce disputes, copyright claims, or even intellectual theft. Adjusting your strategy to better fit your market boosts our overall contentment and adds another satisfied client to our portfolio.

Horeca, Consumer Protection

Operating within a complex and overwhelming domain such as HORECA may present a lot of stress due to audit institutions, which are ever present in the food industry and hospitality industry. Besides public institutions that can perform sanitary inspections and controls such as the Executive Agency of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Internal Revenue Service, and the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, managers have to deal withcomplaints put forth by clients whose reasoning and grounding may well be questionable.

Although many potential problems do exist, avoiding legal actions, which can prove to be quite expensive, is highly recommended. We can offer you our aid in planning and distributing the appropriate resources in order to satisfy your commercial needs. We are the dedicated partner for your business’s success in this field.

We have assisted many clients in the hospitality industry and have come to the conclusion that those who wish to prosper are those who are willing to invest early in preventive measures and superior practices. It is mandatory for a client to seek specialized legal counseling from an attorney before a lawsuit has been filed, which may prove to be lengthy and costly.

Our law office hosts a wealth of experience in this field, which has proven its value to numerous clients and will be able to offer you expert counseling in order to fulfil all of legislation’s demanding criterias. Furthermore, we also offer you legal assistance and representation against misdemeanors and will contest any relevent actions taken by the aforementioned institutions. (Ex: temporary activity suspension).

Energy, Electric vehicles, Environment protection

For us renewable energy represents more than just the next trend. Global warming constitutes a serious issue globally, and we involve ourselves in this domain by encouraging all to implement environmental protection initiatives for a safer future, for both ourselves and our children. Renewable energy represents the number one solution for this problem, offering us a viable solution for a significant reduction of the carbon footprint affecting the Earth’s atmosphere. At a global level, the energy sector has a massive impact on our environment, thus drastic measures ought to be taken in order to ensure a not just a stable level of greenhouse gas emissions, but aiding diminishing them in the foreseeable future. In theory, considering it is limitless potential and zero enviromental impact, renewable energy potential far outpaces other energy creation sources.

Solutions such as electric cars or houses whose electrical consumption rate is sustained by solar panels are but just a few of the modern alternatives for a pro environment life. As a law office with huge respect for our environment, we dedicate our judicial services to clients who require legal counseling regarding:

  • Regulatory issues;
  • Legal counseling, assistance and representation for projects that involve environment issues;
  • Legal counseling, assistance and representation in authorizing, configuring, developing and managing projects concerning renewable energy (micro-hydro, solar, wind, biomass etc);
  • Legal assistance and representation in negotiations and disputes concerning concluded contracts on the Romanian renewable energy market;
  • Fiscality regarding this domain;
  • Counseling concerning event regulations within this domain that extend to EU standards and their impact in national law.


Today the automotive industry faces market polarization as well as geographical restructuring of existing production chains, Romania itself is not exempt from these effects and these can be seen in our market. Although the Romanian automotive market is much more compressed than its european counterparts, it continues to blossom, this fact is also reflected in the statistics that portray the Romanian market as one of the most important industrial branches in the country.

With this in mind, it is important to note that constant examinations and controls can prove to be difficult to handle, as well as strain precious resources if they are not addressed in a professional and efficient manner. Economic hindrances emerge at a global level under the banner of hefty regulations concerning safety procedures or upholding europene rules concerning responsible usage of fossil fuel. In order to tackle these occurrences, a capable law office is required to successfully manage and mitgate these factors, beocming a necessity opposed to an ideal.

This is where we come in: our constant and careful review of regulatory affairs may provide you with a viable alternative to your strategy of handling unforeseen occurrences. Whether it is adjusting your projects in order to successfully overcome these continouslt evloving trends present in the automotive industry or wanting to drastically alter your technological progress.