Tax Law

Tax Law

Tax Law area represents an essential aspect within the decision making process of a company, be it national or international. Thus, when conducting operational strategies, both companies and persons are determined to take into account a few facts and elements of direct and indirect fiscality. Tax consultancy is meant to maximize fiscal advantages and implicitly profit, but also to optimize and streamline all activities.

In regards to tax litigation, our services are based on legal assistance and representation delineated within fiscal policies and procedure steps, as follows:

  • Tax inspections (VAT, corporate tax, mandatory social contributions, income tax);
  • Anti-fraud inspections and other types of tax audits;
  • Personal tax situations check-ups;
  • Application for suspension of fiscal administrative documents;
  • Complaints and contestations regarding tax matter executions;
  • Tax disputes;
  • Shares within all tax law sub-domains, in all instances and all appeals;
  • Referrals to the EU Court of Justice as well as preliminary actions before the EU Court of Justice.

Associated with the field of taxation, we can offer our clients financial-accounting audit.

Start Ups

Whether or not we are talking about market positioning strategies, employment, commercial transactions, acquisitions, our law office is at your service. We will accompany you throughout the journey, offering our services to fulfil all necessary legal conditions for developing a successful company. We recognize the importance of a journey’s beginning, because within it resides the shape and the length of the final destination.

We represent companies from their very beginning, and support them into global corporations. Our law office is willing to collaborate within several practice areas, such as assisting the board of directors and administration, aiding shareholders and supporting clients who are facing delicate and urgent matters. We are here to ensure that all legal aspects are overcome with finesse so that you may focus on your targeted objectives.

You keep on aspiring towards the company’s development and make the necessary arrangements for its continuous growth, while we handle the legal side of your strategic decisions in a minimal amount of time with little to no headaches.