Civil Law - Divorce | Contracts

Civil Law

Although our practice is mainly addressed to companies and business-related issues, we are well aware that we are working with people and not legal entities. Thus, they may have their legal problems whether they work in a company or not. We will give some examples of our services that we can offer regarding family matters, however, our practice is not limited to them, encompassing other important areas such as property rights and related rights, damage or contractual and/or in tort civil liability. We have chosen to exemplify or legal services within the domain of divorce and divorce settlement because, unfortunately, this section of the civil law has been met with significant growth in the past years.

As such, we can help by:

  • Legal assistance and representation in divorce matters;
  • Legal counseling prior to the divorce itself;
  • Drafting and registering a divorce file, counter-claiming or countersuing accordingly;
  • Legal assistance and representation throughout mediation procedures;
  • Legal assistance and representation in issues concerning exercise of parental authority, determining child domicile, alimony, visiting hour schedule, and rights, etc.
  • Legal assistance and representation in divorce settlements of common goods;
  • Negotiating with the other party regarding establishing a common agreement and settling differences amicably.

Insurance Claims

Romanian insurance provider’s reluctance to pay off damages on their own free will is already notorious. Our legal office can offer support in this domain, among others, such as:

  • Filing requests to pay off owed compensations due to insurance contracts of any type, forming personal injury lawsuits, negotiating compensations;
  • Legal assistance and representation concerning compensations owed due to RAC insurance in the event of death or injury;
  • Legal assistance and representation in dispute proceedings concerning property insurance;
  • Legal assistance and representation in dispute proceedings concerning personal insurance.