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What does being a good lawyer really mean?

What does being a good lawyer really mean?

A good lawyer is the one that solves your problems, right? Maybe so, but it's definitely more than that. I confess that, while writing this article, I realized that the subject is so complex, that it could be easily addressed through a book. Beyond the serious professional expertise, specific to any good lawyer who respects himself and respects his clients, we have to remember that it’s always about the people. You can spot a good lawyer by looking at his vision upon his work, the energy invested in his profession, his motivation, the personal satisfaction extracted from work beyond fees, the way he organises his activity, the ability to concentrate, the personal integrity and so on.

A lawyer is in the service of the people. And the good, successful lawyer is, first and foremost, a successful human being, who has managed to know himself, to take control of his own personality and to strategically invest his personal resources for the benefit of his clients. So, dear clients, look at the man behind the suit, behind the marketing, that is the real person who will defend your interest. If he is really good and professional, he will do the same, being interested in knowing your goals beyond the problem you invest him to take care. A good lawyer does not work with cases, paperwork or legal entities, but with the people behind them. He will treat people with respect and this can even translate into a refusal to take the case when he doesn’t have the necessary time and resources.

On the other hand, a good lawyer can also lose a case. He is not to blame for this reason, all of us can occasionally suffer a defeat, and the reasons do not necessarily depend on his performance or expertise. The important thing is that he did everything he could to win the case, remaining the man you can count on to defend your interests.

There are various ways in which a client ends up choosing his lawyer, by recommendations and so on, so I would advise you to look at the man behind the suit or the robe and listen to your intuition, choose the man you feel you can rely on.


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